DIY Transfer Puzzle Kit
DIY Transfer Puzzle Kit
DIY Transfer Puzzle Kit
DIY Transfer Puzzle Kit
DIY Transfer Puzzle Kit
DIY Transfer Puzzle Kit
DIY Transfer Puzzle Kit

DIY Transfer Puzzle Kit

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NuFun Activities Iron-On DIY Puzzle Kit comes with everything you need create your own personalized 8.5 x 11 puzzles easily by transferring any image or graphic in just a few simple steps - just Print, Iron, Peel & Enjoy! 

You don’t need any special inks, equipment or skills to start crafting with NuFun. Our DIY Puzzle Kit prints on standard, at-home Inkjet printers and is applied using any handheld iron or heat press. 

Create lasting memories for the whole family with this patented, first-of-it’s kind technology.  

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Fun For The Whole Family 
Diy Puzzle Kit

Wether you’re making a gift, personalizing a play-date activity, creating a family photo puzzle, or even creating an educational toy great for home-schooling, the DIY Puzzle Kit is the perfect, cost-effective way to make your own unique jigsaw puzzles at home. 

These printable, iron-on puzzles with patented technology are made with high-quality materials for a smooth and simple transfer of any image to the included blank puzzle. To use, simply print any graphic or image, place it face down over the puzzle, iron, peel and build!

NuFun Activities DIY Puzzle Kit:
• Includes 3 blank puzzles and 3 sheets of transfer paper.
• Prints any image, color or graphic. 
• Is compatible with Inkjet printers.
• Can be applied with a household iron or heat press.

NuFun Transfer Paper is proudly made in the USA. 

Create A Personalized Play-Date Puzzle

NuFun Activities
Crafter of the year

From Giveaways, Craft-Contests, and Events, NuFun Activities always has plenty in store to inspire our crafting community.

In 2022, NuFun Activities hosted a contest for the most creative DIY Puzzle for a grand prize of $5,000!

The winner, influencer and proud mama, @HaveAKidTheySaid won the contest with thousands of votes and her create "Birthday Invitation Puzzle" design, where invitees had to put the puzzle together in order to find out they were invited!

To get started creating your own designs, find inspiration on our blog, social media, or download one of our Free Printables here:

NuFun Activities Free Printables

NuFun Activities with Patented Technology

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